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American Foundation for
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8154 Forest Hill Ave, Suite 3
Richmond, VA 23235
Phone: (804) 323-9890
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American Foundation for Donation & Transplantation

American Foundation for Donation & Transplantation's (AFDT) Histocompatibility Testing Program has been successfully operating since 1969. Changes such as the current grading system which was implemented in 1981 and the inclusion of flow cytometry crossmatch results have kept the AFDT program at the forefront of the proficiency testing programs available to histocompatibility labs. AFDT remains committed to continuing the refinement and success of the program.

- Two times per year, five cells for Class I and Class II typing are sent to participating labs.
- Enough material is available for serological and DNA typing.
- Five antisera and two cells are shipped two times a year for crossmatch, PRA and antibody identification.
- Sufficient sera are also given for antibody detection methodologies including flow cytometry.
- The proficiency of the laboratory is challenged because whole blood is provided for typing.
- Potential problems such as cell separation technique and specimen handling can be evaluated.

Laboratory results are electronically entered, edited and retrieved ensuring data accuracy and quick availability of the overall results. A written report is sent to each laboratory after each exchange reporting the laboratory's results, the consensus results and an evaluation of the laboratory's performance.

Assistance is available to laboratories needing or requesting additional help in the form of remedial testing or a technical advisor site visit.

Results are accepted by:

- CAP (College of American Pathologists)
- ASHI (American Society for Histocompatibility and Immunogenetics)
- UNOS (United Network for Organ Sharing)
- State Agencies

Program cost:

AFDT Member $1,000 per year
Non-Member $1,700 per year

Proficiency Test Policies

Proficiency Testing Summary Reports

- Screens - September 2014

- PRA Class I - September 2014

- PRA Class II - September 2014

- Crossmatch - September 2014

- Screens - March 2014

- PRA Class I - March 2014

- PRA Class II - March 2014

- Crossmatch - March 2014

- Nov, 2013

- Jul, 2013

- March 2013

Proficiency Testing Sendouts

- 2015 Schedule

High and Low Resolution DQA DPA DPB Lab results for 2014 (Ungraded/For Information Only)

- November (Hi-res)

- November (Lo-res)

High and Low Resolution DQA DPA DPB Lab results for 2013 (Ungraded/For Information Only)

- November (Hi-res)

- November (Lo-res)

- July (Hi-res)

- July (Lo-res)

- March (Hi-res)

- March (Lo-res)

For more information contact:

American Foundation for Donation & Transplantation
8154 Forest Hill Avenue, Suite 3
Richmond, VA 23235-3255
Phone: 804-323-9890
Fax: 804-323-1300
E-mail: skinner@amfdt.org


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