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American Foundation for Donation & Transplantation

The American Foundation for Donation & Transplantation (AFDT) is comprised of both permanent staff and consultant statisticians to assist in designing, conducting and analyzing clinical trials. AFDT statisticians work closely with sponsors, clinicians and the information systems department to help assure a successful clinical trial. With a documented track record of successful government, academic and industry studies, AFDT statisticians are there to help before a clinical trial begins, during the trial and after the clinical phase concludes.

Pre-Trial Phase

In order to have a successful clinical trial, the trial must be carefully designed. The successful design of a clinical trial starts long before the trial itself does. During the critical pre-trial design phase, SEOPF statisticians are available to help with:

- input on trial design
- analysis plan development
- protocol development
- sample size and power calculations
- patient randomization
- CRF development and review
- statistical programming utilizing the SAS® system
- development of reports and tables to meet sponsor guidelines

During the Trial

While a clinical trial is being conducted, AFDT statisticians are available to:

- perform interim data analysis
- provide consultation on statistical issues that arise during the trial

Post-Trial Phase

During the post-trial phase, AFDT statisticians contribute to the successful completion of the trial by:

- merging databases from single or multiple sources utilizing the SAS® system
- programming for statistical analysis
- generating summary reports, tables and graphs
- preparing electronic files, with documentation, in SAS® data sets
- performing data analysis as described in the protocol
- performing additional data analysis that may be requested by the sponsor
- preparing clinical and statistical reports
- preparing manuscripts and presentations


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